About us

Welcome at our People Rights Foundations

People Rights Foundation is a people’s movement that works towards building a Just and Equitable society. People Rights Foundation current focus is to establish Transparency and Accountability in Government and build participative democracy to solve people’s issues through a large citizen’s movement. People Rights Foundation is a voluntary movement and is steered by 1500 s of Volunteers and Supporters.

People Rights Foundation has been doing the following to change this

  1. Focus on building a large, democratic people’s movement.
  2. Exposing big corruption with data to create awareness amongst citizens and fight them legally towards its logical conclusion.
  3. Focus on building a large, democratic people’s movement. By increasing citizen participation in governance, work towards eradicating the disconnect and power imbalance between pillars of democracy and the common people.
  4. Working on pressurizing Government Departments to make their working Transparent and Accountable. Proactive disclosure is a must for Government Departments under Section 4 of the RTI.
  5. Creating awareness amongst people on ways to access information and seek answers from Government People Rights Foundation conducts regular training on citizens’ rights and Right to Information.


Our Services

Human Rights, Legal Awareness, & Aid, Anti corruption, Panchayat Raj, Right to Information & Advocacy, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation & Any Other.

Founder and President :

V.G.Velmurugan. B.A. B.L.
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